May 21, 2012

What I Want!

Two more days and I will have been on weight watchers for 5 months. In that time I've lost 30lbs. When I look back at it I'm so proud of the choice I made to change my life. Starting my 30's off feeling good about myself and enjoying life. I find myself running through life with my head down, with goals and timelines checking things off on the way. I want to change that! I'll continue to make goals but I need to slow down and enjoy the little accomplishments I hit while making my goals. I want to cherish the time I have with my children they are only this age once. I want to make time once a month for just me and my husband to get out and enjoy each other's company. I want need to make time for me. Whether it be getting out to excercise or just spending some quiet time alone. I've always felt guilty about doing this but I'm not the best mother or wife I can be if I'm not taking care of me as well. I'm sure you can tell that changing my eating has changed more than just my weight. I have a ways to go to hit my goal but I'm going to keep trucking along, working hard. The warrior dash is in 2 months and this mamma of 2 is going to kick some serious butt! One last thing... This week I decided to try on my wedding dress. It's been 6 years and 2 kids since I've been able to fit in it and well it's a bit big.