January 17, 2013

Pink Sandwiches

Just a little update on the Princess Party Food. If you are looking to make the coloured popcorn you can click HERE for the recipe. You can make this popcorn in any colour that jello is sold in.

As for the sandwiches I went to a local grocery store and ordered pink bread cut lengthwise.  You might need to call around to order the bread as some stores don’t have it. We have a Fortinoes in the area that does it or specialty bread stores will usually sell them as well. These sandwiches should be made a day before and refrigerated so they will stay together and are easier to cut. Once you have the bread cut all the crust off.
Peanut Better Roll Ups
Once your bread has the crust cut off slather one side of the bread with peanut butter. Peal a banana and dip it in lemon juice. This is just to deter it from going brown.  Place a full banana along the edge of your bread and roll it up. Saran wrap and refrigerate. On the day of the party use a sharp knife to cut in 1/2" rolls. 
Cherry and Cream Cheese
The same thing goes for the cream cheese and cherry sandwiches but I mix in a little cherry juice in the cream cheese to spread a little easier. Line up your maraschino cherries and roll up. Saran wrap and refrigerate. On the day of the party use a sharp knife to cut in 1/2" rolls.
Checkerboard Sandwiches
You can make this with any filling you like egg salad, tuna, peanut butter etc. You will need 2 different colours of bread for this. Slather filling on cut in 3 lenghts. Use the filling to stick together so you have alternating colours. Once you have one row with 3 together slather the top with filling and repeat. You will have 3 layers.  Saran wrap and refrigerate. On the day of the party use a sharp knife to cut in 1/2" rolls. 
I hope I've explained this clearly. If you have any other questions just leave me a comment.

September 7, 2012

One Dirty Girl Mud Run

Well tomorrow I get to participate in another mud run! I would say mud obstacle runs are pretty addicting. It's the fun with friends, getting sweaty, dirty and doing obstacles that you never thought you could do.

There is a team of 5 of us traveling from Canada to Buffalo NY to the Go Dirty Girl tomorrow. We are the Muddy Beavers and we are excited to work as a team get through the finish line.

I haven't trained as hard for this run as I did for the warrior dash but it's going to be AWESOME! I love that even though I'm not even close to my goal weight I see my life changing. I have the confidence to get out there and sign up for crazy runs with obstacles which my Mother feels is so unsafe. Love you Mom. I can encourage my friends to come with me and have a good time. I'm not the one that needs the pep talk and extra support anymore. I feel as though I'm free and getting my confidence back.

Tomorrow is going to be a blast with my team and family coming to cheer me on. It will be a different feeling running through the finish line having my 2 kids cheering for me. I'm more fulfilled in the choices I'm making now, then the satisfaction from the delicious unhealthy food I used to eat. I'm happy as well as I don't feel deprived and that is what matters.

I'm sure there will be pictures to share once I get home.


August 27, 2012

A Gift for the Hostess with the Mostess

I found this paper basket on pinterest and thought it would be the perfect little hostess gift. I needed an alternative to my go to bottle of wine or flowers.
I love handmade gifts. To me it shows that the person took the time to really think about what they are giving instead of just walking into a store and grabbing the first thing they see. The time and effert put in is what I appreciate so much.
For this project I got to go through all my scrapbook paper that doesn't get brought out enough. I have so many different beautiful sheets of scrapbook paper just waiting for some creativity. This was such a great way to use some up and really personalize depending on the occasion.
The basket took about 5 minutes to make and was so easy. I would do this again ,especially for my Christmas cookies. Just click here for a tutorial on how to make this super cute basket.

Until next time,

August 22, 2012

Weigh In after Camping

Well this is the first week back on track. I've done well and had my weigh in a day late because I was at a No Dad's Camping trip with my kids. The last 2 day's I have gone over my daily point so I was nervous to weigh in. Stepped on the scale waiting for them to say you gained and I was down 2.5lbs!! I'm very encouraged! It feels wonderful to see the work I put in earlier in the week show up on the scale.

So as of right now It's The Gray's -2.5 and That Mom Blog +1.3

I know That Mom Blog is going to be kicking some butt this week so I'm going to have to say focused!

My first weeks challenge was to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I had a few tricks at getting all my water. I would drink a herbal decaf tea with a splash of agave nectar in the morning, one of my water bottles during the day would have a little mio in it and sometimes I put some frozen berries in my water if I felt like I needed something a little different. I was successful but did I ever get my exercise going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I'm going to continue with the 8 glasses of water. A great way to keep track of it is if you fill a jug full of 8 cups of water then mark the side and fill it every morning.

The challenge for this week will be at least 30 minutes of exercise each day this week. I'm going to be bike riding, Jillian Michale's 30 day shed and some jogging to get ready for Go Dirty Girl I'm doing in 2 weeks.

What are your favorite exercises?


August 14, 2012

Weight Watchers vs My Fitness Pal

So I have been on my weight loss journey since about January. I’ve lost 30lbs and celebrated that for most of the summer as I stopped weight watchers online and tracking my food all together. I tried to get into my fitness pal because some of my friends swear by it. I’m not into it! I think mostly I like the nutrition factor in coming up with the weight watchers points vs me tracking calories. It's just not for me but it is a great program.
Monday was my big kicking it into high gear again. I join Weight watchers again but this time I’m going to be doing the meetings not just online. When I weighed in Monday a good friend of mine that has been doing the weight loss journey with me and I hit the same weight. Well what else can we do then to have a competition to spice up the weight loss journey!

So it’s a race as who can lose 20lbs first and let me tell you it’s on! So That Mom Blog is using her my Fitness Pal and who knows maybe she'll have some pizzas or cupcakes magically delivered to her house. Hahaha I wouldn’t do that! I’d think about it but I wouldn’t…. This is going to fun for both of us. Just a reminder on those days you want to eat everything in sight and to get back into the workout.

I’m sure there will be more updates on to progress of the It's The Gray's vs That Mom Blog challenge!

Tips are welcome J

August 10, 2012

Princess Party for Lil Miss

The theme for lil Miss this year was Princesses. All her little friends came all decked out in the jewelery, puffy dresses with lots of crinoline and even some Tinkerbell wings. It was very adorable! I wanted to keep the food light and easy.

When I was a little girl and I'd go to a family bridal or baby shower my Mother and Aunts would always make the most fantastic colourful sandwiches. After asking for the help of my Mother we worked together and made some pink and white tea sandwich's. If you'd like tutorial on how to just leave a comment and I'll put it in another post.

I seen on pinterest paper cones with popcorn in them. I went searching for my girly card stock and glue gun and this how it turned out.

As you can see below this is what our snack table contained:
Pink Popcorn made with cherry jello
Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow and Oreo Princess Wands
Cream cheese checkerboard sandwiches
Peanut butter Banana roll ups
Cherry and cream cheese roll ups
Cupcakes, Fruit and Veggies

Our snacks were a hit! Now to start planning a Lego party for Lil Mr.


July 24, 2012

Warrior Dash Complete

Sunday I completed the Warrior Dash Ontario. I'm SO proud of myself. This is something I would look at and say I'd never be able to do that. It's for people that are super fit, but I did it and loved it!

I'm not going to lie I was so scared as we arrived!! My stomach was doing flips but once we got into it, it was so much fun!

We got pumped up at the start of our wave time and we were off. Jogging along with my husband and all of a sudden he lost his shoe to the mud. He's a warrior he just dug in deep to the mud and reclaimed his shoe and we were off.

I did the dash with 2 friends and my husband. A bit after the 1 mile mark our one friend was struggling with her asthma and needed to slow down and walk. We stuck together and did every obstacle! We climbed over walls that were 3/4 of my height and under barbwire, crawled through a trench, climbed over a huge cargo net (did I mention I'm afraid of heights?), jumped over fire as a team, crawled through a mud pit with barbwire over top and more.

I'm a bit disappointed I wasn't able to push myself and see what my best was but it was AWESOME being able to complete this with such close friends of mine! We completed the Warrior Dash Barrie in 1 hour and 19 minutes, which obliterated our goal of completing it in 2 hours.

I'm excited to continue with my exercising, weight loss and training for next years Warrior Dash. One thing I will say I really need to work on is my hill training because those hills kicked my butt!

Next goal is to completely jog a 5k race.