April 20, 2011

What's on the Menu?

Well I was going through some blogs I seen this idea for a menu at Johnny In A Dress. We always have a menu for the week posted on our fridge. Most of the time it gets lost after grocery shopping or somehow last weeks one shows up and everyone gets confused. So I thought this was brilliant and making a menu helps you budget your food cost. It's easy to over buy food for the week and then wasting it in the green bins.

My lovely Aunt was getting rid of a bunch of things and gave me a few picture frames. This one was broken so I fixed it up, painted it and put some fun paper in the back. The circular patten didn't really work out it was to busy and made it hard to read. I got my dry erase pens our and wrote out our menu for the week.

Thanks this was truly a fantastic idea Natalie and I love that it is eco friendly by saving paper.

To check out the original and other crafty ideas at Johnny In A Dress.

April 18, 2011

Easter is almost here

Well spring is here, even though right now it's snowing outside. The mantel is done with the help of my lovely kids and we are all ready for Easter.

We had so many of those plastic eggs around. My goal was to find some projects we could do with the kids. We painted them, made some musical shakers out of them and rolled them around in paint to make different patterns.

After we had fun rolling the eggs around I cut out eggs and laced them on a ribbon to finish off our decorating. We had a lot of fun with this one and I'm trilled it was a family crafty project.

April 11, 2011

Loving Photos

A few years ago for Christmas we really wanted to make something for the Grandparents. I know that the presents I love the most as those that people take time into making. So I just assume that everyone else is the same. I think it's so special when you receive something someone took time, thought and a little work into doing. I guess I'm a little sentimental that way.

We had our family pictures taken well I was pregnant with sweetpea. There were so many that we loved but didn't want to give the Grandparents a big bulk frame plus we wanted them to be able to update it as they wanted. We came up with an idea that turned into this ( Sorry about the poor photo, it's the only one I have of this project).

I printed the letters off from the computer. My husband took them and found some scrap wood, then cut them out with tabs at the bottom. Then made a stand and finished it up with the router. He stained and lacquered it, drilled holes in the top of the letters and twisted wires to hold the pictures.

I think that my husband did a great job and was able to learn a lot well doing his first COMPLETED wood working project.