August 14, 2012

Weight Watchers vs My Fitness Pal

So I have been on my weight loss journey since about January. I’ve lost 30lbs and celebrated that for most of the summer as I stopped weight watchers online and tracking my food all together. I tried to get into my fitness pal because some of my friends swear by it. I’m not into it! I think mostly I like the nutrition factor in coming up with the weight watchers points vs me tracking calories. It's just not for me but it is a great program.
Monday was my big kicking it into high gear again. I join Weight watchers again but this time I’m going to be doing the meetings not just online. When I weighed in Monday a good friend of mine that has been doing the weight loss journey with me and I hit the same weight. Well what else can we do then to have a competition to spice up the weight loss journey!

So it’s a race as who can lose 20lbs first and let me tell you it’s on! So That Mom Blog is using her my Fitness Pal and who knows maybe she'll have some pizzas or cupcakes magically delivered to her house. Hahaha I wouldn’t do that! I’d think about it but I wouldn’t…. This is going to fun for both of us. Just a reminder on those days you want to eat everything in sight and to get back into the workout.

I’m sure there will be more updates on to progress of the It's The Gray's vs That Mom Blog challenge!

Tips are welcome J

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