September 7, 2012

One Dirty Girl Mud Run

Well tomorrow I get to participate in another mud run! I would say mud obstacle runs are pretty addicting. It's the fun with friends, getting sweaty, dirty and doing obstacles that you never thought you could do.

There is a team of 5 of us traveling from Canada to Buffalo NY to the Go Dirty Girl tomorrow. We are the Muddy Beavers and we are excited to work as a team get through the finish line.

I haven't trained as hard for this run as I did for the warrior dash but it's going to be AWESOME! I love that even though I'm not even close to my goal weight I see my life changing. I have the confidence to get out there and sign up for crazy runs with obstacles which my Mother feels is so unsafe. Love you Mom. I can encourage my friends to come with me and have a good time. I'm not the one that needs the pep talk and extra support anymore. I feel as though I'm free and getting my confidence back.

Tomorrow is going to be a blast with my team and family coming to cheer me on. It will be a different feeling running through the finish line having my 2 kids cheering for me. I'm more fulfilled in the choices I'm making now, then the satisfaction from the delicious unhealthy food I used to eat. I'm happy as well as I don't feel deprived and that is what matters.

I'm sure there will be pictures to share once I get home.