April 20, 2011

What's on the Menu?

Well I was going through some blogs I seen this idea for a menu at Johnny In A Dress. We always have a menu for the week posted on our fridge. Most of the time it gets lost after grocery shopping or somehow last weeks one shows up and everyone gets confused. So I thought this was brilliant and making a menu helps you budget your food cost. It's easy to over buy food for the week and then wasting it in the green bins.

My lovely Aunt was getting rid of a bunch of things and gave me a few picture frames. This one was broken so I fixed it up, painted it and put some fun paper in the back. The circular patten didn't really work out it was to busy and made it hard to read. I got my dry erase pens our and wrote out our menu for the week.

Thanks this was truly a fantastic idea Natalie and I love that it is eco friendly by saving paper.

To check out the original and other crafty ideas at Johnny In A Dress.

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