May 5, 2011

Before There Was A Blog

 Well going through my pictures I found a few fun crafty things I had done earlier this year that I wanted to share. I really don't know where I found time to do these things but hey they got done and I got no sleep. That's what this Mama has to sacrifice to be crafty.

Like I said in my first post I started to crochet when I was expecting with my daughter. Since then I've been practising my skills and making lots of fantastic things. There are a few things I didn't take pictures of like a slouch hat for me and a mini bear for my Monkey but here are a few things I've whipped up.

These were just a few of the hats. Many of our friends got owls or skunks or ones with brims for Christmas. Well making these incredibly fun hats I seen so many adorable owl things. So I thought I'd try my hand at a little sewing. Which by the way I haven't done since grade school. I came across a pattern online and changed a few things and here is Sweetpea's little owl. She just loved the button eyes. I was going to make tags of different fabric on the wings but she was getting to be over that when I was making it.

I came across this photo well going through my project picture folder... Yummy caramel chocolate apples that the kiddos decorated. I think we will need to do this again soon... REALLY soon :)
Last but not least was a stool we found that the previous home owners left behind. Well my hubby was away on business I tackled this project but was so disappointed when I went to spray paint one night because the black spray paint was actually green. Being a very patient person... not at all... I went ahead and painted it green. After putting it in our bathroom I decided we are painting it cream but at least it functional now.

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