May 6, 2011

Bottle it up

 This organization was inspired by my little Monkey after a disaster with finger paints. He had a wonderful time decorating our couch and floor in a matter of seconds. We all know that the craft cupboard slammed with everything and is off limits. So I wanted to make something easy for him to take that is ok for him to get on his own, without getting into to much trouble.

I started to organizing our abundance of crafty supplies for the kids. Finding old jars some with lids so we don't have any spills for things like beads. Paper to cover up the sticky parts of the a few jars that I couldn't get off and an old tray I had laying around.

I just love this because not only does it make it easier to do crafts with the children it lays out a bunch of different materials. Monkey usually pick up the beads and pip cleaner, and goes to town. This week he's been using his imagination with the other materials. A new favorite is Moms cut offs of fabric and coloured popsicle sticks.

After some tidying of the bookcase, adding a few extra doors and taking some toys away here is our revamped kids storage area.


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