December 14, 2011

This time Will be Different.

This isn't one of those crafty posts but I will get back to that soon.

I have been a big girl for as long as I can remember. I've been working hard but not really getting anywhere with my weight loss goals. It seems when I'm making headway a bump comes along and I crash down. I really want to challenge myself, set a goal and push myself.

Right now before Christmas time there is lots of bake goods, dinners, parties and my ass is getting fatter. Well I don't think I can wait until New Years to make a resolution. I have today and I need to make a change.

So maybe I can change my patterns if I share it with those who pop in a read a little about our family. Maybe I'll feel some accountability if I write it out. Worth a try because I'm ready for change.

Now time for some goals:
1. Reevaluate what I eat. Start by tracking food so I can see what I'm eating when.
2. Exercise! I have been pretty good with this one but can get better. I'd like to commit myself to 3 workouts a week for at least an hour long.
3. Run a 5k in the spring 2012. Run on the alternate days I'm not doing my exercise program.
4. Water water water!! This is my new drink of choice.

Ok so here are some of my basic goals. I hope to make them more specific over the next week. I think that I'd like to set a goal with a timeline but I think I need to think about and sleep on it.

If you've had success with weight loss or have words of wisdom I'd love to hear it.

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