January 20, 2012

The Journey from a Pretty Face to One Healthy Mom

Just wanted to post a quick little update on my weight loss journey. I have been working hard at learning the weight watchers points and changing my routine. The first few weeks of weight watchers was a challenge. I felt hungry a lot and really deprived of my favorite foods. I think that this week I'm finally in the groove. I'm choosing foods that are more filling and satisfying.

I am a cook! I enjoy making homemade meals from scratch and baking as much as I can. One thing that I don't need to give up is my love of baking homemade bread! This makes me very happy! I am aware of the points and am able to enjoy the homemade bread smell filling my home. As you can probably tell I LOVE carbs. I'm still enjoying them just in a smaller portion. With the weight watchers online site I can put in any of my recipes and it will calculate the points. This is my life saver. It's nice to play around with it and see what different substitutions I can make and see the impact on the points.

The last few weeks have been filled with some very satisfying meals! Homemade pizza with thin crust(homemade dough from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day), turkey dinner with stuffing veggies and faux mashed potatoes (it doesn’t have any potatoes but cauliflower) and stir-fry with quinoa. I'm going to try and post a few recipes as I continue on with my healthy choices but one website has been very helpful skinny taste. Chek it out there are some fantastic recipes!

Ok back to the weigh-in... today was my 3 week since making a healthier life for me which inspired me to write this post. I have been sticking to the weight watchers and running but need to work on getting my strength training in 2 times and working up to 3. So after 3 weeks I've lost 13.4lbs which I am celebrating every single one of those pounds!!

I’d love to hear your weight loss success and challenges. Plus tips and tricks are always welcome!


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