January 11, 2012

Books aren't just for reading. They are for Crafting too!

This was a fun craft that I did for our friend’s daughter for Christmas. I really tried to do as many homemade gifts as I could this year. I couldn't post a few of them on here or I'd ruin the surprise. I found this idea on Pinterest, which I'm completely addicted to!

I got out my trusty glue gun, went into the basement to find an old book of ours and cut out a circle from some cardboard.

I proceeded to rip apart the book (which on a side note was very therapeutic, I felt a little rebellious), and making the pages into cones with a dab of hot glue. You could really do this with any book depending on how big you wanted the cones to be or just cut the pages in half.

Once I had an abundance of cones I started hot gluing them to the circle starting on the outside working in. Then ta da... the finished product! A beautiful wall art flower.

I might just have to do this for our hallway. You could use different colour papers to make it festive as well.

Thank-you pinterest for yet again another fantastic idea.

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