July 17, 2012

Grandma's Birthday!

Today was one of those days where we ate everything that was bad for us! I guess that's what happens when we celebrate Grandmas birthday. We pretty much had dessert for lunch. At least mine had fruit....

As you can see we all enjoyed some yummy Demetre's waffles. I used to be able to gobble down that whole thing without even thinking about it but today i was going to burst before half way.
The times are changing.

Due to the poor eating this is what the children's dinner looked like.

My children are not huge fans of everything on those plates but because it looked pretty fun, everything vanished. Mommy wins today!

This week is a big milestone for me. I get to check off my bucket list a 5k run. I'm not doing just any 5k run I'm completing the warrior dash! Keep your eyes open for my next muddy post.


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