March 14, 2011

Bookcase Crazy

 Well I’m just thrilled how Monkey's project turned out. I was kind of nervous to tackle this one but thought it would be a good starter project because I would like to redo our bedroom furniture. So I started reading up on how to make my ideas reality. I think I found my new hobby!
We really needed storage for our little guy’s books in his room because the box he decorated just fell apart. I looked at getting him a few storage bins to put them in but wasn’t 100% about it. I’ve been checking out all these shabby chic blogs and hear my friend Ginny’s plans of greatness; I decided to check out our basement.  I found this old bookcase that was in a pile of furniture we haven’t seen since we moved in. So excited that I could make something special for Lucas room off to the store to get supplies I went.
I picked up a spray paint primer, orange spray paint, spray adhesive, wrapping paper and modge podge. My project starts with pictures, then washing down the bookcase and leaving it to dry. Once it was all dry out came the spray primer. Once the primer was all done I did about four coats of the orange spray paint and painted Lucas name on the top. I was a bit nervous about putting the paper at the back because I can’t even cut a straight line but it was easier than I thought. I used one of my Andrews scrapers and an exacto knife. I trimmed the wrapping paper closer to the size I needed and sprayed the adhesive as the instructions directed. Then lined up the top and one corner and used my scraper carefully to smooth out the paper and adhere it to the inside of the bookcase. Once all the paper was attached to where I wanted it. I just ran my exacto knife over the sides and cut of the excess.
For my first furniture project I think this turned out FANTASTIC!! I loved that I spent less than $10 on my materials to refinish this. The spray paints were on sale and the dollar store had perfect wrapping paper. I already had a big container of modge podge and the spray adhesive was about $3 at Wal-Mart. The blue paint is leftover from his room from our previous house. The best part of this project was Monkey's face when I gave him his bookcase… priceless. The first thing he did was run and put a few of his books on it right away. 

Can’t wait to tackle the bedroom furniture and experiment with glaze next. Plus I have some beautiful flowers to come.


  1. Hi Tammy! That looks so much better, I love the bright happy colors! Good luck with the new blog, it's lovely!

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