March 24, 2011

Worker Bee Project Starts

Spring is here and along with our spring cleaning I’ve starting planning out our next projects. I started a book with all of my ideas. From reorganizing the small as can be laundry room, our bedroom project, the creation of my craft room and a few little things here and there. Always something to do but the best feeling is checking each project off.  
 Who needs Real Flowers?
One of my small projects I have been working on with the kids is wooden flowers. I do not have a green thumb so I’ve decided I can’t kill the wooden ones.  I saw 10 wooden flowers at the dollar store so I picked them up.

They are still a work in progress but Monkey and I have had a wonderful time so far working on this together. This is one of our additions to the creation of our spring mantel. I’ve seen so many great ideas on my list of “Wish they were my friends”.

It’s wonderful we were able to start the flower project because it is a quick and easy one that should be done this week. I need these small successes because we are tackling The Dreaded Flower Bedroom. Here are some before pictures.

Since taking these pictures my Mother and family friend have come by and helped us take down all the wallpaper. Thank goodness for them because I think that was one of the jobs I was looking forward to the least! Now that it's all done, it’s really opened the room. Time to start with our blank canvas and get ready for some creativity.  Some ideas have been floated around in our house. One thing for sure is we are going to be painting the furniture a nice cream and possible glazing. The pieces are so big and bulky so I think that will tone them down a bit. I am torn because I think I’d like to do something a little different and do the bed a different colour to stand out. We are also thinking of some kind of accent wall possibly wallpaper, mural or stenciled. Not too sure. I can’t wait until the day I can blog the final project because in my head it’s going to be beautiful!
Back to the sketch book for more ideas. Enjoy the sunny day.


  1. My parents have similar looking furniture which they would never dream of painting. It will be interesting to see how yours turns out!

  2. I hope it turns out good, it's pretty beaten up. This furniture was given to us by the previous owners of our home. They didn't want to have to move it.